BRT Fresh: The Reliable Solution for Refrigerated Shipments

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In recent times, online food shopping has undergone a significant transformation, experiencing considerable growth in online food purchases.

Transporting food products always requires special care, which increases in number when it comes to shipping fresh products. Not all couriers provide refrigerated shipping services, and among those who do, it’s essential to choose the best one.

In this article, we explore Bartolini’s refrigerated shipping service, BRT Fresh: everything it includes and the requirements needed to utilize it.

BRT Fresh: Fresh Product Shipping Service Preserving Quality

In the food sector, quality is a fundamental requirement. Bartolini has always stood out for the quality of its services, ranking it among the most reliable and convenient couriers for shipments in Italy and abroad.

Its BRT Fresh service is the solution it has managed to offer its clients – both private individuals and companies – with the need to ship fresh food safely and quickly, implementing a series of actions aimed at preserving the quality of the clients’ products:

·       Monitoring and maintaining temperature throughout the transport stages

·       Checking the expiration date

·       Blocking expired products

·       Halting distribution in case of product recall

Features of BRT Fresh’s Refrigerated Shipping Service

BRT Fresh is Bartolini’s new solution dedicated to the transportation and delivery of fresh packaged food products – excluding frozen products – and includes:

·       Shipping products at a controlled temperature between 0 and 4 °C to ensure the cold chain: in this way, food products travel fast, cool, and safe.

·       Predict service to provide recipients with the freedom of choice, ensuring successful delivery of products without having to reschedule for a failed first delivery attempt.

·       2 delivery attempts for flexible solutions, offering the possibility in case the first delivery is not possible.

·       Delivery to the floor for greater convenience in case the package is of significant size and weight, difficult to transport.

What Can You Ship with BRT Fresh?

The fresh products to be shipped with BRT Fresh – excluding frozen products – must be organized in:

·       Single-package shipments

·       Maximum weight of 31.5 kg

·       Maximum dimensions of 85x45x50cm.

Want to Learn More About BRT Fresh? Contact Us

The Spedire Logico team offers dedicated assistance to its customers, from the quote stage to the moment the package or any item of the shipment is delivered to its recipient. For the BRT Fresh fresh product shipping service, they are available for clarifications and various suggestions to make the most of the refrigerated shipping service.

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