Gilda’s: A Culinary Haven Meets Plaza District Magic in Shawnee

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Hey there, neighbors and future friends! 👋 Jessica Fulk here, your friendly neighborhood real estate agent, bringing you the inside scoop on two fantastic additions that are set to make waves in Shawnee and the Plaza District.

Gilda’s: A Taste of Spain in Shawnee’s Growing Downtown

What’s the Buzz about Gilda’s?

You’ve probably seen the transformation at 5815 Nieman Road, where Bryan Albers is turning a former funeral home into a culinary gem. Gilda’s is not your average eatery; it’s a hub for those craving Spanish flavors, craft cocktails, and an old Hollywood feel. Opening this spring or summer, Gilda’s is destined to be a destination within the district.

Tapas Galore and More!

Stephanie Cashion, the culinary genius behind Glass Cat in Bonner Springs, is at the helm, crafting a menu that transports you straight to Spain. Picture seafood, roasted meats, and a touch of American cuisine, all served in a warm, inviting space. Get ready for a delightful experience that goes beyond the borders of Kansas City.

Why Gilda’s?

Named after the famous Gilda tapa – a mix of skewered olives, anchovies, and peppers – Gilda’s pays homage to Rita Hayworth’s 1946 film. The restaurant promises an alluring and unforgettable experience that captures the essence of the sweet and salty femme fatale.

A Spot to Savor and Share

More than fantastic food, Gilda’s is about fostering camaraderie. With an intimate setting, Albers envisions it as a place to pop in and out, exploring other fantastic spots in the area. And did I mention the outdoor patio? Imagine lounging in warmer months, soaking in the Spanish-inspired ambiance.

Countdown to Opening

Construction has begun, shaping Gilda’s into a Spanish-style haven with an old Hollywood feel. As a local real estate agent, I can’t wait to see how it becomes a vibrant addition to Shawnee’s downtown scene.

Join the Excitement!

Let’s keep the camaraderie going and welcome Gilda’s to our growing list of must-visit spots! For more about Shawnee and its exciting neighborhoods, explore my [website](

A Slice of Heaven in the Heart of KC: Plaza District Magic Unveiled

Charm Meets Convenience – Welcome to the Plaza

Now, let’s shift our focus to the Plaza District, where charm meets convenience in the heart of Kansas City. Cobblestone streets, Spanish-inspired architecture, and the aroma of delectable cuisines create an experience, not just a neighborhood.

Shop ’til You Drop – Plaza’s Retail Wonderland

Calling all shopaholics! The Plaza is a dream with trendy boutiques, renowned brands, and charming local shops lining the streets. It’s not just a shopping spree; it’s a retail wonderland.

Green Oasis in the Urban Jungle – Parks and Recreation

Take a break in the Plaza’s beautiful parks and green spaces. Mill Creek Park and the Nelson-Atkins Museum’s sculpture garden offer a green oasis in the heart of the urban jungle.

Your Dream Home Awaits – Plaza’s Real Estate Marvels

Ready to call the Plaza home? From historic mansions to cozy apartments, the housing options are as diverse as the community. Explore the Plaza’s real estate marvels:

– Explore Homes in the Plaza – Your gateway to luxurious living in the Plaza District.

– Discover Brookside Bliss – Uncover the charm of Brookside, a hidden gem within the city.

– Waldo Wonder – Your Home Awaits – Step into the vibrant community of Waldo and find your perfect abode.

– West Plaza Wonders – Explore the western charm of the Plaza District.

Join the Journey – Let’s Make It Your Reality!

Ready to turn your dream of Plaza living into a reality? Reach out to me, Jessica Fulk, your dedicated real estate agent, and let’s find your perfect home in the Plaza District.

Cheers to new beginnings in Shawnee and the Plaza District!

Until next time,

Jessica Fulk 🏡✨

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