Guru launches Slack AI search. Now, employees can search across all their apps–without leaving Slack.

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With Guru’s new AI-powered Slack integration, employees can search across their company’s most popular apps and get instant answers to their questions–directly within Slack.

Guru, the AI search solution that gives teams instant access to trusted information directly in their workflow, today launched AI search capabilities in its Slack integration, so employees can search across all their company’s apps and get answers in seconds–without leaving Slack.

Employees simply ask a question in Slack the same way they would ask a teammate and let Guru give them an instant, accurate answer in plain language. Every answer that Guru’s AI generates is accompanied by a list of sources. Sources could be apps like Google Drive, Salesforce, SharePoint, or Zendesk. Or conversations that have taken place in other Slack channels. Or even specific Guru Cards. And since Guru gives companies full control over who sees what, managers don’t have to worry about sensitive information reaching team members who don’t have access to it.

Get Trusted Answers in Seconds With Guru’s Slack AI Search

Guru’s enterprise AI search has been tested by thousands of companies that have used it to answer several million questions in the last 3 months alone, saving them countless hours that otherwise would’ve been spent searching for information and answering repetitive questions.

With these capabilities now in Slack, employees can:

1. Access their company’s collective knowledge–without leaving their workflow

Employees have the entirety of their company’s collective knowledge right at their fingertips–directly in Slack. And when they’re working in an app other than Slack, they can still search across all their company’s apps without leaving their workflow, thanks to Guru’s Chrome extension and range of integrations.

2. Get suggested answers to questions in Slack

Guru automatically suggests answers in Slack based on the context in which questions are asked, accurately predicting what employees want to know without them needing to even search for it.

3. Let Guru’s AI Training Center continually improve answer quality

Guru’s AI Training Center automatically loops in the right experts and gives them an intuitive way to approve or improve the answer Guru has generated. When an expert edits an answer, Guru applies that improvement to future semantically similar questions.

4. See what’s trending in their Slack channels

With Trending Topics for Slack, employees can see the most common questions and themes coming up in their Slack channels. This gives them real-time insight into which topics teams might need more information on and helps them identify their most pressing knowledge gaps.

5. Quickly capture knowledge that originates in Slack

With Guru’s AI writing assistant, Assist, employees can instantly capture knowledge that originates in Slack, automatically format it, adjust its tone, and add it to Guru in a matter of seconds–without having to leave Slack.

Get Started With Guru’s AI Search in Slack

To get started with Guru’s enterprise AI search in Slack, simply download the app from the Slack App Directory. And if you’d like to see all of Guru’s functionality in action–including its wiki and intranet capabilities–check out the on-demand demo video on

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