The History of the Hermes Constance Bag

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The History of the Hermes Constance Bag

The History of the Hermes Constance Bag came from the designer of the bags fifth child names Constance.  The Hermes bag is now one of the most recognized quit luxury bag with an large ‘H’ on the front of the bag which comes apart and opens the bag up.  Having the ‘H’ that opens on the front of this handmade bag is exquisite and timeless.

The Hermes Constance Bag become popular when the First Lady Jaqueline Kennedy as she loved the Constance bag a lot!  With that large celebrity name behind the bag, it became an instant classic!  People were in love with Mrs. Kennedy’s style and she has been a fashion icon ever since her debut onto the public seen.  The Constance has a sleek style about it the shoulder bag and the Constance bag is defintely a ‘quiet luxury’ piece to add into your collection. 

Now this very exquisite Hermes Constance bag is one of their 3 “Quota Bags” which makes them one of the three most popular bags from the Parisian fashion house plus on the resale market.  The Hermes Constance Bag resales for usually over the retail price and can be handed down to future generations.  This Hermes Bag is an absolute piece to have in your collection as this handbag will never go out of style!  This Hermes Constance bag actually goes up about 10-20% a year and has become increasing more and more popular within the bag afficienados plus celebrtiies and the Royals.

The Hermes Constance bag comes in different leathers including exotic leathers such as crocodile, alligator, ostrich and lizard skins.  You can also see these bags come in very rare cotton and silk forms as well plus even cordouroy. We are loving the Constance Bag as much as we love the other quota bags for our collection.   The Constance is one that I would get in different sizes as it has come in a mini 14cm (Very Limited Edition), 18cm, 24cm and then the Elan style which is more of an envelope design.   Great to have as a shoulder bag from day to night plus to wear from the office to dinner.  This is a very versatile bag that is often overlooked by their sisters, Birkin and Kelly.  Howver keep your eye on the Constance as she is making her way back up to the top.

The Hermes Constance will be on display more and more at the Hermes boutiques as this bag is gaining popularity in pop culture with celebrities around the world flocking to the Hermes boutiques in hopes of getting their hands on one.  Since these bags are all hand made, it can a single artisan up to a week to hand make this Constance bag in leather.  If the Hermes Artisan is producing the Hermes Constance bag in an exotic leather, the time to hand produce the bag increases, as does the price of the bag.

Are you an Hermes Constance Bag Fan? Make sure to check out for all things luxurious!

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