Tips for Optimizing Your Altafiber Internet Connection

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An Altafiber Internet connection is one of the best investments anyone can make. They have ultrafast internet plans, incredibly reliable offerings, and great customer service. If you are an Altafiber internet customer and want more out of your connection, here are tips to improve it.

Regularly Update Your Altafiber Modem/Router Firmware

Your device firmware is best defined as the system software that makes it all work. At times, the manufacturer or Altafiber will roll out an update for said device. These include performance upgrades, bug fixes, and other updates. Either check online for these updates or turn on the auto update feature so this happens on its own. 

Optimize Your Wi-Fi Network

Here is how you can improve your Wi-Fi networks performance:

Choosing The Right Wi-Fi Channel

A Wi-Fi channel is like a stream of water. With more traffic, it gets congested and nothing moves ahead. Pick a channel that has the least amount of congestion since more congested ones compromise speed and reliability. Wi-Fi analyzer apps can help you find these channels.

Placing Your Router Strategically

Your Wi-Fi router must be positioned where there is the least amount of resistance. Ideally, this is in a central and elevated space. Moreover, try to keep it in an open space with as little obstructions (walls, doors, other devices) as possible.

Using Wi-Fi Extenders Or Mesh Systems If Necessary

If your home has a Wi-Fi dead zone where you don’t get a signal, here are two solutions. Wi-Fi extenders will take the existing signal from your router and spread it further like a speaker. Mesh routers create a network of nodes that create a blanket of Wi-Fi over your home. You want Altafiber internet everywhere you can get it!

Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

To protect your Wi-Fi network, consider the following steps:

·        Change your Wi-Fi password every three months. Make it a combination of letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and symbols.

·        Consider enabling WPA2 encryption on your Wi-Fi connection.

·        Don’t share your passwords with anyone. If someone wants to connect, put the password in yourself. It’s amazing how this can lead to several people connecting to the network.

Manage Connected Devices

You get a designated amount of bandwidth from your ISP. If there are several connections to the network, this bandwidth needs to be rationed to more users. With each additional user, others get less bandwidth that before. Ensure only people in your home are connected to the Wi-Fi network and no extra devices are draining the bandwidth supply.

Use Wired Connections When Possible

While Wi-Fi is great and all, a wired connection is unparalleled. Your PC, laptop, gaming console, and smart TV should be connected via ethernet. All modern devices come with ethernet ports so this shouldn’t be an issue. Wired connections ensure a no-interference supply of bandwidth as opposed to wireless that need to watch for walls, doors, and other forms of interference.

Perform Regular Speed Tests

To check if your internet connection is doing well, run a speed test every now and then. It takes a few seconds and you’ll know what the speed is like. Ideally, the speed should hover at or around the advertised speed e.g. a 400 Mbps connection will be at 396-400 Mbps – due to various factors. If it is unusually low, get in touch with Altafiber customer service. Altafiber has several high speed offerings so you’re in luck when picking one that works for you – more on that later.

Clear Your Browser Cache And Cookies

With prolonged use, your internet browser will collect cookies and cache, slowing it down. This takes up large parts of your RAM which slows down your computer. This affects the overall computer usage experience.

Disable Unnecessary Background Applications And Downloads

Many times, we unknowingly leave programs running in the background. They silently consume bandwidth, preventing the programs actually being used from getting the bandwidth they need. Disable auto-downloads on large applications to avoid a random unannounced dip in your internet performance. 

Update Your Devices’ Software

Your phone, tablet, laptop, PC, and other smart devices all receive updates over the air. These updates improve the performance of your device including internet usage. Moreover, you get optimization improvement as well as other bug fixes that might be using too much internet.

Consider Upgrading Your Internet Plan If Necessary

If your current internet plan isn’t working for you, consider upgrading it to a better one. If you’re an Altafiber internet customer, you’re in luck because there are several internet packages to pick from. Here they are:

Altafiber Internet Plans

Plan Price Per Month

Internet Speed

Fioptics 400


400 Mbps

Fioptics 800


800 Mbps

Fioptics 1 Gig


1 Gbps

Fioptics 2 Gig


2 Gbps

To find out more about Altafiber internet plans, call 855-591-2568 to speak to Altafiber customer service.

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